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DU Sol School of Open learning BA, Bcom Admission Classes 2021-2022 Delhi

Sol Du School of Open Learning BA Admission 

Sol admission


Learning and Education are two continuous processes in human life. We learn Education, obtain Degrees and Diplomas by studying in Schools, Colleges, and allied Institutions. Also, We Study social behavior and facts of life, by moving with people around us. 
About the process of learning, many Scholars and Wizards have given us essential advice. Benjamin Franklin was a famous American Scholar, Politician, Writer, Political Philosopher, and one of the Founding Fathers of the United States. He has said, “Tell me, and I forget; Teach me, and I remember; Involve me, and I learn.”
By this, Franklin means that people learn only if they have involvement. So if you have the wish and participation, you can learn Education and achieve College Degrees of B.A. B.Com, etc. Here is an opportunity for you to learn by studying the Degree Courses, from wherever you are and whatever you are doing. The opening comes to you from the DU School of Open Learning.

What is SOL DU School of Open learning ?

The Delhi University (DU) is prestigious in India, located in Delhi. Established in the year 1922, per-independence, this University has sent out many Scholars, who are revered for shaping India, by their intelligence and knowledge.
This University is running a School of Open Learning (SOL). This School was previously known as School of Correspondence Courses and Counting Education. From the year 1962, this School got the present name. 
Sol admission is the best choice for learning Graduation and Post-graduation Courses of B.A. etc. for aspiring Candidates.
Delhi Open University
DU Sol Popular with the name Delhi Open University conducts all the graduate and undergraduate courses through Distance Education Mode. This way, you need not attend any College, spending hours together for traveling, attending classes, etc. Instead, you will get the Lessons online and study them at your leisure. So even employed persons can also get Degrees while continuing their employment and earning capacity.
Sol Du School of Open learning Admission Process:
Sol Du BA Bcom Classes
Every Academic Year, the Admission to the BA Program and Course is conducted through Online only. Candidates should watch for Notifications of Admission published on the official website of Delhi University. This Notification will contain all the details about Admission, along with the Application Forms.
If you are a Candidate desirous of studying the Course, you have to download the Application Form, check the Eligibility Details, Last date for submission of Application and other relevant details. Then fill up the Application Form correctly without flaws, attach the required documents and submit it to the DU well before the last date. 
You should remember if your Application is not filled up correctly, IT WILL BE REJECTED SUMMARILY, and you will lose the option of studying the Course.
Here is an alternative way:
There are experienced Educational Institutions in Delhi like the School of Open learning. They have helped hundreds of Candidates like you to join in DU School of Open Learning and enabled them to possess the valuable Degree Certificates in their hands.  
Since DU is a famous University for imparting world standard Education of high quality, Graduates coming out of this DU School of Open Learning can get lucrative employment chances and be admitted for further Education anywhere in India.
For availing this opportunity, all you have to do is contact the Educational Institution, over the phone, or online. Then they will take care of everything from getting Admission to obtaining Degree Certificates.
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School of Open learning Sol DU BA Program Admission, classes

Sol DU BA Program Admission

Sol Du Admission BA Program


If there is a will, there is the way – this is a famous proverb. You must have the wish to learn and become a Graduate. There so many ways, importantly, learning through Distance Education. It would be most suitable if you took efforts to learn and then only you can enjoy the fruit of Education.
This point is emphasized by Alvin Toffler, who was very famous for his books. Toffler was a Writer, Futurist, and Businessman in America. He says, “The uneducated of the 21st Century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn and relearn.” 
So you need not be an illiterate at all. Just use the facilities made available, study, and get a Graduate Degree. Supposing you want to get a BA Program Degree, this is how you can achieve it: 

School of Open Learning, DU:

In India, the facilities are open for anyone to study privately without attending a Regular College. They need not spend hours sitting in a Class Room and study the B.A. Course. Instead, they can apply Sol admission for the B.A. Program conducted by the School of Open Learning, Delhi University (DU). This University, located in Delhi, is a very famous one, as it was established in 1922. Many Scholars have studied here and went to build Modern India with the knowledge they gained by the Graduation Courses of this University.
Apart from Regular College Courses, Delhi University also runs the School of Open Learning (SOL). Students can study all the Graduation and Post-graduation Courses of B.A., B.Com. M.A., M.Com. Etc.

School of Open learning BA Program Course Admission

Sol DU BA Admission


Wherever you are living in India, you can apply for the BA Course in SOL DU by submitting an Online Application. The Prospectus of DU for this Course will be published on the official website of DU. You have to download the Prospectus and Application Form online. 
The eligibility for B.A. Course is prescribed as Pass in 10+ 2 Higher Secondary Course, with 40% aggregate Marks. The concession is given to SC/ST Candidates that if they have Passed the HSC Course, it is enough.
The Subjects to be learned are the same as any Arts College in India since the Syllabus is the same. The period of the Course is three years. The advantage of studying the Bachelor of Arts in DU SOL is, unlike Regular Colleges, there is no Semester System. Students can explore their Subjects for one full year, and write the Annual Examination. This way, they need not carry any arrears from previous Semesters.

Value of B.A. Degree from SOL DU:

The SOL DU Admission system is conducted for the convenience of Candidates who are aspiring to achieve Graduate Degree but are unable to attend Regular Colleges. Otherwise, the Course is the same as any other College in India, with World Standard Quality of Education. After obtaining the Degree, the chances are very bright for the Candidate to study further or secure good-paying employment.

How to get BA Program Admission?

In Delhi, there are experienced Educational Institutions such as School of Open learning to help these Candidates. If the Candidate approaches them either through phone or online and expresses their desire, the professionals will render all sorts of help, assistance, and support from submitting the Online Application to Passing the Exams, and obtaining the B.A. Degree in hand happily.

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School of Open learning Sol DU B.Com Admission, classes

Sol Du Bcom Admission 2021-2022

Sol Du Bcom Admission

In any country, Education has real importance. The Governments of world countries are aware that unless their citizens get educated, they can never promote developmental activities. Without Proper education facilities, the state can never be prosperous and respected by other countries. So Education is imparted through various means. 
It includes the system of Open Learning. It means a Student is getting Education without going to Schools and Colleges, and still achieves Graduation and Degrees.
Scholars in the world highly commend the process of Education. Socrates is a Greek Scholar and Philosopher. His advice to the youth of Athens, Greece, is still regarded as high, and useful for teens universally. Socrates has commented upon Education thus – "Education is the kindling of a flame, not the filling of a vessel." 
It means the learner should already have the urge to learn and possesses a keen interest in acquiring knowledge. This desire is kindled to enlighten the mind with Education and make the person a learned personality. 
If you are desirous of Distance learning at any age, wherever you are and whatever you are doing, employed or not employed, it is still possible for you to get Graduation. It is possible by joining the School of Open learning system, study the Subjects studied by all other Students in Regular Colleges, and obtain the Degree. 

Know more about SOL DU B.Com Course:

To enable anyone interested in learning outside the complex of Colleges, the Government encourages the School of Open Learning Sol Admission System.The Delhi University (DU) is a prestigious University of India, established in 1922. From this University, many Scholars have come out after getting Graduation and Post-graduation. 
This Delhi University, located in Delhi, conducts the School of Open Learning (SOL). Apart from Regular College Classes, it also holds Distance Education for Candidates for graduate and undergraduate courses, like B.A. B.Com. Etc. You can join B.Com Course, study the same subjects as any other Indian College, pass and obtain the Bachelor of commerce Graduate Degree.

The specialty of B.Com Degree:

Sol Du Bcom classes


B.Com is a job-oriented course. Every organization and office must have staff knowing Accounts and Economic principles. So by obtaining B.Com Degree from SOL DU, you can get immediate employment.
Course Details:
B.Com. Distance Education is also three years Course. The eligibility for Admission here in this Course is Pass in Higher Secondary 10 +2 Class with 40% aggregate Marks. SC/ST Candidates with passing marks can apply.
In SOL DU B.Com Course by Distance Education Mode, you won't have Semesters like Regular Colleges. You can study the 4 or 5 Subjects throughout the year, and appear for the Annual Exam conducted every Academic Year.

Sol Du Admission Process: 

SOL DU B.Com Admission is an online Process. The Admission Notice, along with all the relevant details and Application Form, will be published on DU's official website. Students can apply online. Fill it correctly (since if there are flaws in the Application, it will be rejected, and your chances of Admission will be spoiled) and submit the same with enclosures, before the due date.
Help to come for you: 
There are experienced Educational Institutions in Delhi, like the Kapoor Study Circle. The professionals of this Institution can be contacted over the phone or online. They will give all the guidance, advice, support, and help for getting SOL DU B.Com Admission, studying the Course, and passing with credible Marks. The B.Com Certificate will be yours after that.

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DU Sol School of Open learning BA, Bcom Admission Classes 2021-2022 Delhi

Sol Du School of Open Learning BA Admission  Sol admission   Learning and Education are two continuous processes in human ...